Great White Shark

The deadliest predator of the seas. Usually, inhabitants of cooler oceans the shark will patrol closer to the coast. Although they can be found all around the world in places like Australia, South Africa, California and the northeastern United States. They can range from 15 ft to 20 ft in length which in turn makes them the largest predatory fish in the sea.

Just Keep Swimming

Despite the film Jaws and other stories actually, Great white sharks don’t intend to attack humans it is very rare for these attacks to prove fatal. A fully grown great white shark will weight up to 5,000 lbs. Although they aren’t the biggest shark that title belongs to the whale shark, however, it is not predatory. A great white shark is typically a fish that will spend most its time in the shallow water with its dorsal fin penetrating the surface of the water.


You might not think it but in fact, the great white shark is a social creature usually in schools or shoals. A great white is called a great white due to its pure “great” size the white comes from its underbelly. The great white likes rays don’t have any bones, they instead have a skeleton composed of cartilage rather than bones. They also like Tuna are the only fish who have heat generated muscles most other fish are cold blooded. They will hunt mostly seal and sea lions. Sharks will have 3 methods of hunting their

  •  Attack from underwater.
  • Attack from near the surface of the water.

The first method is most

Yum Yum

commonly used sharks will find and locate their prey. They will then get below their chosen prey and swim up to 15mph towards their target vertically upwards. They do this for 2 reasons the reason why they go down first and then up is to avoid detection. Secondly, they will hit the prey with such force it stuns the seal/sea lion and the shark will then bite its prey at the same time and swallow it hole. Baby great white shark will eat small fish, krill and plankton.


Nobody has ever seen 2 great whites mate therefore not much is known in regards to their mating rituals but due to scars on the females fins, it is commonly thought that they mate like all other sharks and the males will grab onto the females fin to have intercourse. The female will then have a gestation period of 11 months. The great white shark is ovoviviparous meaning that the eggs will hatch inside the mother who will then give birth to live babies. While in the mother’s womb, the pup will feast on unfertilised eggs which is known as oophagy. Sharks will also eat their own teeth to obtain calcium. Once out the mother, the sharks will go out into the wild and fend for themselves.

Interesting fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!



The great white shark will possess 300 teeth inside their mouth. The first 2 rows are for grabbing and cutting the animal they eat. The 3rd row is for replacing the front row once them teeth have been worn, fall out or break.



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