6a010535647bf3970b01b7c73d521e970b-800wiThe Koala, is a nocturnal marsupial of Australia, although most call them Koala bears this term is actually incorrect. The reason for this is due to the young who are born premature and develop within pouches. They are herbivores meaning that they only eat plant matter and leaves. They have grey fur along with white underbellies. They are very small animals only weighing about 30 pounds and reaching an average of 2 foot tall.

As said before they inhabit the eucalyptus trees. Koala roams around in societies, therefore contact between Koalas happens regularly. Because they roam around in surprised-koala3societies the eucalyptus forest has to be large enough to support the growth of adults and babies. However, despite Koalas been very social they do have their own breeding group and can have their owned home territory. The home territory is marked with a certain number of eucalyptus trees. Koalas can be quite fussy eaters when it comes to eating the leaves
of the trees. Koalas will only eat about 50-60 different types of leaves, only 10 of them are preferred depending on the Koalas natural location. For example, the Koalas from Queensland will eat different leaves compared to the Koalas found in Victoria.  Koalas can eat a lot of leaves over a day anywhere from 200-500 grammes.

Koalas can sleep up to 20 hours per day. Although you might not think it they are intact the top of their food chain and don’t have any natural predators. Adult owls are known to have in the past preyed upon the vulnerable young koalas. However such information is scared. Nevertheless, Koala numbers are decreasing in the wild. This is mainly down to deforestation there is thought to be only 80,000 Koalas left in the wild. Previously there were millions, but due to the fur trade numbers, it was estimated that 3 million Koala’s fur went to market. Koalas are also increasingly been involved with car crashes and been killed by dogs.

The breeding season for Koalas is from August to February,  during this time Males will koala-parkbecome more active and bellow a lot more than usual. Females will during this time separate from their young for them to start their own lives. Females can breed from 3-4 years old. They will usually only give birth to one offspring per year. Once the females have conceived it is only 35 days before the females give birth. The joey makes its way from the birth canal to the pouch completely unaided, relying on its already well-developed senses of smell and touch, strong forelimbs and claws and an innate sense of direction.


An interesting fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!!

In Aborigine language, the word ‘koala’ means ‘no water’. Koalas don’t actually have any water they absorb it all from the leaves.


Author: walkwiththewildlife

I am a animal lover. I am so fascinated about the way different specifies interact in order to reach different objectives. I am so much of an animal lover I studied Level 2 BTEC Animal Care and loved every second of it. At the same time I had many different pets to look after. From the simple rabbits to the more exotic and unusual pets.

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