Ruby-throated hummingbirds

Ruby-throated hummingbird, A bright vibrant species of bird. Come and learn more…

Ruby-throated hummingbirds, a bright colourful bird with iridescent colours. They can fly to the next nectar source in a blink of an eye. But hover like an angel looking magnificent.

The Ruby-throated hummingbird is a species of bird that comes from eastern North America. They are only small measuring about 9cm as adults (size of a tea cup), weighing

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Yum Yum

a petite 3 grams for males and 3.3 grams for females. The males are more vivid and bright than the females. The males will have a bright red colour on their necks. On the other hand, the females don’t have such bright vibrant colour markings. The wings are quite short and this makes it perfect for hovering to collect the nectar from plants. These speedy little birds can beat their wings 53 times a second and fly in an acrobatic style matched by few other birds. Due to the small legs of the hummingbird, it is not effectively able to hop or even walk. The wings can make the birds fly backwards and also upside down.


The birds will live in the woodland areas of eastern North America. Commonly associated with old fields, forest edges, meadows, orchards, stream borders, and backyards. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds live in dry forests, citrus groves, hedgerows, and scrub. This type of habitat is perfect as it’s full of sap, nectar and insects what they feed on. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds feed on the nectar of red or orange tubular flowers such as trumpet creeper, cardinal flower, honeysuckle, jewelweed, bee-balm, red buckeye and red morning glory, as well as at hummingbird feeders and, sometimes, tree sap. They have long beaks up to 21mm

Hummingbird having a well deserved rest

long this perfect for getting into the confined spaces to collect their food.


Although, they are also capable with their acrobatics of catching insects mid-air and with the long bill they will pick off insects from spiders web for there own consumption. An adult will consume twice its body weight in food, due to having a high metabolic rate it will burn off very quickly.

These humming birds are interesting species in the fact that they are the only hummingbird species to breed in eastern North America. The males establish a territory and court females who enter it with flying and diving behaviours, and by showing off their red throat plumage. The females will lay 1-3 eggs and look after them while the male after mating will begin his trek over the gulf of Mexico. Ruby-throated hummingbirds are largely solitary outside of the breeding season. They all will double at least there body weight to migrate over to Mexico for the winter this can be non-stop for 900 miles.



Hummingbird nest with eggs


An interesting fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!!

The hum of a hummingbird is made by the bird’s rapid wing beats.




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