Reticulated Pythons

Join us to learn about these monstrous snakes, after it appeared in the news earlier this week , join me and learn more about these snakes and their capabilities. Join us now….

So as you might have heard earlier on in the week, a reticulated python killed and swallowed a male in Indonesia. This is a perfect chance to learn about these true killers who have patrolled the earth for decades. An interesting fact is the length it takes for you to watch one episode of game of thrones is the same time it takes a Reticulated Python to kill and eat you.


Albino Retic

They are the longest snake in the world, competing with the anaconda. The Reticulated python can get on average a size of 23 feet long. On the other hand it not uncommon for them to get to a massive size of 32 feet. Usually the Reticulated Python is a brown, black and beige colour making it perfect for them to camouflage in the wild forest floor. Due to the “Retics” as they are known in the pet industry they do come in different morph colours. It is unknown in the wild how long the Retics live for but in captivity they can live up to 25 years.


The diet will depend on the size of the snake, the human that got eaten this week was killed and eaten by a Reticulated python 23 feet long. However meals can range from humans, deer, tigers and primates to mention only a few. The python which occupies a huge range that extends throughout much of east and Southeast Asia, including many adjacent islands.  It may be found in India, Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, and is capable of crossing stretches of open ocean to colonise islands.  They inhabit rain forests, woodlands and nearby grasslands. The colours are identical to the snakes patterns and colours.


It takes 8 people to hold this snake, even then the snakes muscles are so powerful.

With the Reticulated python been a constricting species of snake this means that I will usually grab hold of its food by grabbing and then coiling its body fully around the victim. One of two things will happen to the prey item. It will die from suffocation or heart failure (Heart Truma). As the prey item breaths in the snake will squeeze tighter meaning the prey can’t breath out that far again, this happens over and over until the animal has died. As with all snakes their jaw can open wider and doesn’t have the same hinge that we have, which allows them to eat something as big as their skin can stretch.

Ready to eat whatever comes its way.



Breeding takes place between September and March. As temperatures begin to decline they are encouraged to breed. Before breeding they put on weight so that they can fast over this period. After mating the female lays 25-80 eggs which weigh over 250g. The mother python will sit on the eggs and shiver which helps to warm them up. They are incubated at 31-32oC (88-90oF). After 88 days they will hatch. Young already measure 61cm (2ft) in length when they hatch.

An Interesting Fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!


Longest -snake -medusa -guinness -world -records -1
I have a world record yayyy

The longest snake in captivity it called Medusa it measures 25 feet 2 in
ch long.



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