Bennetts Wallaby

Bennett Wallaby is a Marsupial living in the islands of Tasmania. Read here for more facts.


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The Bennetts Wallaby, also known as the red-necked wallaby is a Mammal that will bounce around the coasts of Australia and live in the islands of Tasmania. It is called the Red- Necked Wallaby due to the red fur on its shoulders and you guessed it the neck area. Apart from this though all the fur is grey in colour, they are related to kangaroos and wallaroos. They will inherit as they get older a white stomach front. The ears of a Bennetts Wallaby is the one of the largest owned by Wallabies. The tails are used to help them keep balance as they jump around very quickly. The Bennetts Wallaby when fully grown can get to a height of about 3 foot and weigh about 20 – 25kg.

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The Bennetts Wallaby will usually be found in the shrub and woodland areas, where they will forage on the ground looking for different food to eat. The reason why they inhabit the shrubland is that they have got loads of shade to stop them overheating. If the Wallaby does ever overheat then you will see it licking its forearms to cool down its skin. Although they are diurnal animals (awake in the day sleep at night) they do have a tendency to be more active around the evening time when the temperature has dropped.

Once the cooler temperature hits this is when the Wallabies will go out looking for a tasty meal. They will scavenge large areas of grassland in search of food. They are herbivores meaning that they will only eat plant material in the wild. They will forage around using their long, powerful back legs. They can hop around at 30 – 40 mph, although the legs have special tendons to make sure that the Wallaby won’t hurt itself from bouncing and hopping. The other characteristic that the Wallaby

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has is that it will help to propel the Wallaby forward. The Wallaby will eat Grasses, herbs and juicy roots that they find scattered around the ground. They will use their short forearms to pick up any food and for foraging.

A group of wallabies is called a mob and mobs can consist of around 30 wallabies each. Although very surprising to me Wallabies actually prefer to be solitary. Wallabies will come together to forage and graze. Although in a mob there is a hierarchy within wallabies, usually with the larger individuals being more dominant. Each will act dominant towards those below it and not to those above it.

Is that a Joey I see.

The Bennets Wallaby is a Marsupial, the characteristic for Marsupials is that they will carry their young around in a pouch. The Bennets Wallaby is no different they will breed between December and May and only be pregnant for around 1 month and then carry the young known as a Joey in their pouch. The Joey will be in the pouch for 9 months before jumping out of the pouch to explore on his/her own. During the time in the pouch, they will learn about what to eat and not eat.

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The Bennett’s Wallaby has the densest coat out of all the Kangaroos making it a successful resident in the cooler areas of Tasmania





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