Squirrel Monkeys

The Squirrel Monkey has such a cute face it’s definitely one to be admired. The reason why it’s called a Squirrel Monkey is due to the resemblance of looking like a Squirrel.

The Squirrel Monkey has such a cute face it’s definitely one to be admired. The reason why it’s called a Squirrel Monkey is due to the resemblance of looking like a Squirrel. They have the largest brain in the primate kingdom going by body size to brain ratio.

squirrel_monkey_speciesThese cute monkeys are from South America Ranging from Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. They look very cute they are only small also. As you might expect the males are bigger than the females, the average size for these guys is 9.8 to 14 inches in height and 1.7 to 2.4 pounds in weight. The fur is olive or grey in colour. While the ears, face and throat area is mainly white, the mouths are black. The Black and white face gives them the name Skull Monkey in Germany. They have these long tails however this is not used to help climb or grip onto branches, the tail will be used to help the monkey balance as they are very quick to jump from tree to tree. They will inhabit the rainforest areas of South America, in the canopies. They are very good at adapting to their environments. Some have been found surviving in near Savanah conditions and some have been found thriving in swampy marshy conditions. They are diurnal meaning they are awake in the day and arboreal meaning they usually are found climbing.

squirrel_monkeyIn the wild, these monkeys are very social. A group of Squirrel monkeys is called a group of “troops.” Troops can consist of anywhere from 25 – 500 monkeys, which will only separate during hunting.  Even if there is 500 monkeys in one group it is still divided. The mothers who are pregnant will all stay together, likewise, the males who have mated will stay together, the ones who haven’t mated stay together and so on. However, when the mating season kicks in roughly around the September and November, males will fight and claim dominance for a female.

The Squirrel Monkey is an omnivore meaning it gets the best of both worlds in the animal kingdom. This means they will eat insects, bugs, fruits, leaves, and twigs. However, the main diet of a Squirrel monkey is tree frogs. They are easy to catch and can provide a very nutritious meal for the little guys. The Squirrel Monkey will mainly get water from the food that it eats and will also lick nectar from trees.


Shush don’t wake the baby

The young Squirrel Monkeys are the most independent monkeys of the monkey kingdom. Once born after the 150 – 170 day gestation period they will spend 4 months with the mother. (Most monkey species will at least be 18 months before they leave the mother). They will all venture off from the parents and go off in groups to explore the rainforest. This is the reason why many squirrel monkeys die very young due to inexperience. Squirrel Monkeys will usually live for around 15 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.

An Interesting Fact You Didn’t Know Before Reading This!!!!



Squirrel Monkeys will wee on their hands for 3 reasons; 

  • Mark territory.
  • To aid in grooming other members.
  • To cool down if it is too hot.




Author: walkwiththewildlife

I am a animal lover. I am so fascinated about the way different specifies interact in order to reach different objectives. I am so much of an animal lover I studied Level 2 BTEC Animal Care and loved every second of it. At the same time I had many different pets to look after. From the simple rabbits to the more exotic and unusual pets.

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