Swimming with Alligators

Now, make it a snappy one I don’t have all day. Come and venture into what I did over the weekend.


My best friend Ali – G



American Alligator

Hello All,

Wendy the American Alligator

A bit of a weird one here, I hope you are all still enjoying my blog posts. Remember to feel free to leave comments and like my Facebook page.

On Saturday 27th May 2017 I booked myself a late birthday treat. I wanted it scheduled for February but for anyone who lives in the UK, knows it’s so cold. So May was the day I would be found dead or alive.

I decided to book myself a swim with the Crocodile experience. After hearing “Oh my god you’re mad.” about 1000 times I literally took the plunge. I do live in Bedford, UK so It was a good 2:30 hour drive for me going south-west. After getting closer to the exhibit and a couple of stops at Burger King I was ready, to be honest, well fed for the crocodiles in case they wanted a bit of me. I arrived at a place called Reptile Zone in Bristol. I was greeted by very friendly staff. I had a look around I was in heaven, big iguanas, crocodiles, bearded dragons etc… After arriving I got a little bit more nervous but still thrilled at the fact I was going to be swimming with Crocodiles. A young girl called Olivia greeted me and took me around. We first visited a Cuban Crocodile, they come as their name suggests from Cuba, not only this they are very quick on land and are able to quickly leap into the air.

A young girl (Name passes me I’m sorry) greeted me and took me around. We first visited a Cuban Crocodile, they come as their name suggests from Cuba, not only this they are very quick on land and are able to quickly leap into the air. We then proceeded upstairs to go and visit more crocodiles, next we met Wendy a 7ft Mississippi alligator. What an absolute beast you could see the teeth, long tail just truly prehistorical. I was then told I would be swimming with Mississippi Alligators. The excitement rushed through me even more, I put this on hold as we visited the venomous snakes around the world. Being a pane of glass away from a black mamba, rattlesnake and forest cobra which might I add repeatedly kept striking at me. I was excited to see the snakes, so close and in detail, these true beasts are staring at me. Thank god I was the other side.

Next, I got changed and I knew this was the time, my time had come. I was either going to be swimming in blood or truly hold a Crocodile. (I was told by staff the crocs are all friendly.) I jumped in the pool and I already had 2 3-4ft Crocodiles lying at the bottom of the pool. So, the girl got me the croc and let me hold it and stroke it. I couldn’t believe that I was holding a crocodile without even a hiss, scratch or bite. After my thousands of questions (by the way, 2 smaller Crocodiles were thrown in as well) I really felt at home, although you have these guys swimming around your feet they are so docile and friendly. I then asked how to pick a crocodile up. The reply completely caught me by surprise, “Put your foot underneath his body, lift your foot with the crocodile up to the surface and grab him. ” As you can see in the video it worked 100% just like cuddling a baby.


I hope you enjoyed the blog I will still be posting my regular blog posts every Monday at 6 pm (UK Time).I just thought I’d add in a little surprise.

Thank you to all the team at Reptile Zone, Bristol I appreciate everything you did for me. Definitely, I will be revisiting.


Q: What do you call a crocodile in a vest? A: An investigator.



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I am a animal lover. I am so fascinated about the way different specifies interact in order to reach different objectives. I am so much of an animal lover I studied Level 2 BTEC Animal Care and loved every second of it. At the same time I had many different pets to look after. From the simple rabbits to the more exotic and unusual pets.

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