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Chimpanzees getting an arial view of events.

War For The Planet Of The Apes was very successful so let’s learn about our closest relative. Chimpanzee also shares 98% of our genetics. Although Ceaser is an angry monkey, in the end, I don’t think I could blame him, we all must do what we can to protect our animals from extinction. They aren’t becoming extinct but numbers are decreasing due to deforestation. Also known as the Knuckle – Walkers due to them walking on there Knuckles.


Chimpanzees will usually grow between 4ft and 5.5 ft. They can live up to 38 years if you’re a female and the males will usually have a life expectancy 7 years younger usually passing away at 31 years of age. They can weight quite heavy usually about 100 pounds, this is the equivalent to the weight of a toilet seat. Like us humans, they don’t carry much hair on their hands, feet, and face. Apart from that, they have black hair all over there body with big ears to help with listening to other chimpanzees in the forest. Like I mentioned above they actually will walk on all fours but walk on their knuckles and feet.



Chimpanzee eating a tasty banana

Chimpanzees eat a wide range of food, they are omnivores eating a wide range of fruits and sometimes meat. Most of the diet will consist of seeds, fruit, leaves, bark, honey, flowers and insects from time to time. This is the Chimpanzees main diet however they have been known to eat other small monkeys and eat deer if it has already been killed by another animal.  Usually, they will hunt and eat individually to return back to their community later on in the day, sometimes they do hunt as a group.


Chimpanzees will live in the tropical rain forest, and lowland and mountain forests in western and Central Africa. They can be found in 21 other African Countries, the chimps will swing from tree to tree. To avoid predators on the ground the Chimps sleep in the trees nice and high. They are very social so you won’t just find one they will go around the forest in communities, made up of family groups. Family groups can be between 6- 10 individuals and the communities will consist of 100 chimpanzees. The alpha male is split, sometimes a very experienced male will take charge of the community. However, in other groups, there will be several dominant males. Females will usually move to different communities however the males will stay in the communities which they are born.



Baby clinging on to its mother.

The females are able to breed all year around. Although females usually give birth after 12 – 15 years of age. Males have to wait longer until sexual maturity it is usually 16 years of age. But the babies must cling onto their mom once born as they are helpless. They cling on and as they get older they will grow their black fur. after 2 years of age, the baby will stay right next to his/her mom until 7 years old when they can slowly start hunting and fending for themselves. Until the babies are 7 years old then they won’t stand a chance in the wild. A mother chimp develops a close bond with her young that may last a lifetime.



An Interesting Fact You Didn’t Know Before Reading This!!!!


NGS Picture Id:1558685

Cheeky Monkey

Chimpanzees are a very small majority of animal that actually uses tools to help them hunt. They have been observed to strip down twigs and branches to get sap out of a tree and to get ants out of a termite mound.


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