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Mantis Shrimp Beautiful Coloring 


The knock out punch of the animal kingdom. The Mantis Shrimp looks very pretty but you wouldn’t like to mess with it. In comparison, Manny Pacquiao’s hardest punch which was recorded at 3,000 PSi, wouldn’t even come close to this Mantis Shrimp. If the Mantis Shrimp was the same size and weight it would deliver an impressive 510,000 psi punch. To put it into more simpler terms if this animal was the size of a human it could easily punch through steel.

Aside from the boxing let’s turn our attention to the shrimps, as you can see there are an array of colors in which they exhibit. They have many legs, 10 in fact 5 is for walking along the sea floor and the other 5 are for helping the mantis to swim. Their eyes positioned like little telescopes on their head. But it’s no laughing matter they have some of the best eyes in the animal kingdom. Humans only have three receptor cones, these help us to see color and distinguish what is brown, black, white etc… We only have three which are the colors green, red and blue. Mantis Shrimp actually have 16 different color receptive cones. They will get to a maximum size of four inches when fully grown, they are a Crustaceans animal meaning they are related to the crabs and lobsters.


Peacock Mantis Shrimp hiding away in his little burrow.



Their diet in the wild consist of crabs, fish, snails, clams, and squids. They will use the lightning fast front appendages to smash open hard shelled creatures. So quick is their punch they could punch 50 times while us humans blink only once. Due to their deadly force, they are hunted by larger fish but they are well adapted for spotting danger. A bit like a chameleon they can move their eyes individually to avoid predators.

Mantis Shrimp are very aggressive animals and they are very much home birds. They don’t go on adventures like you might imagine, only to hunt for food or if they’re forced to by other factors. They are so under cover they actually hunt food that swims or walks past their burrows.  As there are 400 species of Mantis Shrimp in the waters all around the world. However, the Peacock and most other species will live in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans between East Africa and Hawaii.



Female carrying loads of eggs

Mantis shrimp are very loyal to their partners. Once the male has found a mate they will actually share the same burrow, both will protect the eggs and they will both help each other to hunt their food. The mating season is usually when the warmer weather sets in, the female will carry the eggs after mating. She will then proceed to lay 2 sets of eggs. Both in burrows but the male is responsible for one and she will protect the others.  The males will bring the female food from time to time, but the female will not leave the burrow as she will continue to protect and aerate the eggs. Once the eggs have hatched normally after 3 months they have been known to eat the other larvae. They can live up to 20 years which is a long time for a Shrimp.


An Interesting Fact You Didn’t Know Before Reading This!!!!



As you can see circled the front deadly appendages. 

Even if the punch misses their prey item the shock waves which gets sent through the water can still kill prey.


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