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With the winter closing in on us lets talk about this amazing guy, the Walrus an animal that looks like a seal with the mighty tusks from an elephant. These guys are well adapted for survival in the cold harsh climates.

Walruses live in the coldest of climates, they live in the North Pole. As you can see they have flipper-like feet, this makes them very closely related to the seal. As you can see from the photo they are cinnamon brown in colour, they are well adapted for surviving on land and in the water. Their giant flippers can be moved forwards in order to walk on land, their tusks are possessed by both males and females. The females will have tusks which will measure about 2 and a half-foot long, the males will have tusks measuring about 3 feet in length. They use these tusks for fighting or breaking through the ice in order to gain food. The whiskers are another great adaptation in order to find food, these are used to locate food.

The diet for these guys will be made up of molluscs – their favourite is a


Polar Bear Hunting a Young Walrus

crab. worms, gastropods, cephalopods, crustaceans, sea cucumbers, and other soft-bodied animals are also on the menu on the rare occasion they will eat polar cod. If the food is limited than walruses have been known to eat away at young seal carcasses. Walruses will dive about 80 meters right to the seabed to uncover food using its snout. Some Walruses have used their flippers to uncover food when this has been observed it is mainly the right flipper that’s used. Due to the walruses monstrous size, it only has two predators to look out for that is the Killer Whale (Orca) and also polar bears. Both these predators though are mainly at risk when they are claves.



fighting walrus

2 Male Walruses fighting with the huge tusks


Breeding season for Walruses is still under much scrutiny males will be sexually mature at around 8 years of age, however, why is it that they don’t breed until they are 15 years old. Breeding season is really when these 3 foot long tusks come into play. Males around December to March will go on the hunt for a mate. During this time the food consumed is much less and males turn very aggressive. Not only to each other but also to female Walruses. One male will mate with about 20 females, some females who aren’t ready to reproduce will exclude themselves from all of the Walruses that are ready or pregnant. After 16 months of being pregnant, the females will give birth to a single calf. The reason why they have a long gestation period is after 16 months this is where there will be an abundance of food available giving the calf the best chance at surviving. The offspring can weigh from 100 to 170 pounds at birth. They instinctively know how to swim. They are born on land or ice and then make their way to the water with their mother soon afterwards.



Mom and her baby together

Generally, the female will have a new offspring every two years but she allows the older offspring to remain with her as well. The use of the sense of smell is very evident between mothers and their offspring. The males will go their own way once the mating season is over. They will return to their all-male herds. The level of aggression there is much less than when it is time for mating.



An Interesting fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!!!!!!!

walrus2A walrus can remain underwater for up to 30 minutes before coming up for air.

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