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Grizzly Bear



Large Grizzly Bear Standing Upright

The Grizzly Bear a menacingly big predator, also known as the Brown Bear to scientists this bear inhabits North America and you certainly wouldn’t want to be caught in its tracks.


The Grizzly Bear is brown in colour, these bears can be 3- 3 ½ feet at shoulders. However, upright they are more scary and double in size between 6 -7 feet long. These bears weigh in very heavy to Adult males between 300 and 850 lbs; whereas females weigh 200 – 450 lbs.  Their long claws range anywhere from two to four inches long and this helps them out in the wild enabling them to dig. The long guard hairs on their backs and shoulders frequently have white tips and give the bears a “grizzled” appearance, hence the name “grizzly.”

These bears will hibernate for over half a year (7.5 months). They must gain a massive amount of food during the summer times in order to survive the winter. With them been Omnivours however, food is always on the menu for these guys. They may eat seeds, berries, roots, grasses, fungi, deer, elk, fish, dead animals and insects. They will on average eat about 90 pounds of food per day that is roughly about 1/10th of there whole body weight per day. They will eat more than this though as it comes up to the hibernation period. The hibernation starts around October/ November time, they will use their massive claws to dig a den, they might sometimes find a cave and instead hide in there for the winter period.

Before the winter period, it is important of course that mating behaviour occurs. Grizzly bears are normally solitary animals. However, they are not very territorial


Grizzly Bear Running

and they may be seen feeding together where food is abundant, such as at salmon streams and whitebark pine sites.


Grizzly bears are one of the slowest reproducing land mammals. The Female Bears do not reproduce until they are at least about 4 – 5 years old. Mating Occurs around May – July, however, females will delay implantation of there eggs until October or November. The summer period plays a massive part in reproduction. If there are not enough calories in her for survival then not only will she struggle through winter but she will not be able to reproduce effectively. 

Mother bears rear cubs for two to three years. Males do not help raise the cubs. In fact, males can be a danger to the cubs, so females often avoid male grizzly bears while rearing their cubs.

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What Have I done Rasing these nightmares.

Grizzly bears have a better sense of smell than a hound dog and can detect food from miles away.


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