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Male with ferocious teeth.

Humans and gorillas have a very similar genetic makeup. These close relatives share 98% of our DNA. Why dong we learn more about what our closest relative does. 

The silverback gorilla is such an amazing animal. Of course, it gets its name from the silver hairs on its back of the males. It is believed that silverback gorillas are about 6 times stronger than anyone on earth. They are the largest primates on the earth, standing about 6 foot tall for a male and about 5 foot on average for a female. They weigh an astonishing 350 pounds which is probably down to all their muscle. But that puts them about 2 times heavier than the average male. Silverback gorillas can actually be identified by there noses, their noses act like fingerprints each gorilla will have a unique amount of wrinkles around the nose.

Of course, silverback gorillas are very clever they have been observed to use tools to help them hunt and survive. Once a female used a stick to judge water depth while crossing a river. They communicate by using 25 different sound and in captivity have been known to learn sign language.



Baby just chilling as they do, it is such an easy life as a baby.

Also known as the mountain gorilla the silverback gorillas come from Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, and Angola to name the few. 


These guys will eat about 60 pounds of food per day to keep themselves going. Their diet is 67% is fruit, 17% would be leaves, stems, and bamboo with the last 3% coming from termites and caterpillars. Silverback gorillas will have three main feeding periods throughout the day. In between these times, they will rest. If the weather is bad then they will put off their next meal until the weather has calmed down.



Group of Silverback Gorillas the male clearly stands out.

In the wild, these gorillas are lead by a dominant male which has that iconic silverback. Then followed by a group of females and blackbacks (children) about 5 – 30. A group of gorillas is called troops. The dominant male is the one that breeds with most of the females. Females are in heat about 1 or 2 times a year they become sexually mate around 11-13 years for a male and female about 10 – 12 years old. There is no courtship that happens, males can send a when a female is in the heat. The offspring will most likely be 1 baby as it’s very rare for gorillas to have more than one offspring. They will carry their offspring in there bellies for 8.5 months. Males do not participate in the upbringing of the infants but will socialize with them from time to time. Mom will carry the baby while it can’t walk for about 3 – 6 months.
An interesting fact you didn’t know before reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The silverback gorilla has a stronger bite than a great white shark and a lion. In fact, they bite at about 1300 psi whereas a lion is 650 psi and a great white at 625 psi

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