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Meet the rest of the team

jessJess is an African Pygmy Hedgehog. She is currently 4 years old. I had her from a young age from when she was very young. As you can see from the photo. I remember trying to convince my mum to let me have her. “No, they don’t carry fleas” must have been related to about 100 times. Jess has always been a good companion and I had to, unfortunately, had to move away for my job, so thankfully my mum looked after Jess for me and now I have moved again she is back with me and I couldn’t be happier. She feeds on Cat food along with some meal worms which I breed myself. She can be quite grumpy but once she is out and about she likes to make you know usually by defecating on you. Her favourite food to get her put off a grumpy mood is mealworms. Her special talent is becoming an airplane when lifted in the air.

Daisy.jpgAlong with Jess but still in my mom’s care is Daisy. She is a Cocker Spaniel currently 8 years old. We got Daisy from the RSPCA she was a rescue from home direct. We have Daisy for 4 years and she is spoilt. Although she is a little bit on the chubby side her little face is the cutest ever and always wins a treat. Daisy’s favorite thing to do is definitely to sleep. Daisy is always very happy always trying to make everyone in the world around her smile. When she isn’t sleeping Daisy will typically be watching the world go by on the porch. She is a lady when it comes to getting wet and cold. If she doesn’t want to go anywhere she won’t go at all. Daisy is addicted to licking people she has even had talents of ending calls on people.

These are my girlfriend’s dogs Molly the one in the Molly & Albert.jpegbackground and Albert as you can see at the front. Molly and Albert aren’t related however they are both 7 years old. They are full of energy and always looking for the next victim to cuddle to death. Molly just like Daisy is addicted to licking people and sharing her love a little bit too much at times for some people’s liking. Albert, on the other hand, is very energetic and loves his toy ball which he will go anywhere for in order to retrieve. Albert was in a bad state when he arrived in my girlfriends he was bullied out and didn’t get much to eat due to the other dogs eating it all before he had the chance to look. However, Molly, on the other hand, was from a posh family. Molly and Albert are best of friends you could even go as far to call them boyfriend and girlfriend. They do have their little spats at times but overall they love each other unconditionally.

Flopsy and Lopsy.jpgLast but not least is Flopsy and Lopsy we have only had these girls for quite a while now near a year. They used to live together but they recently underwent been spayed since then they have matured and don’t live together anymore. Lopsy is the girl who is outside and she has lopsided ears and Flopsy is the girl in the hutch with the floppy ears. They both love to make a mess however Flopsy is definitely messier than Lopsy. They are both very lucky and also very spoilt with all their toys that they have. Lopsy is mainly very laid back, however, Flopsy is definitely the most energetic one out the two.
Here is my bearded dragon Elliot. He is currently 5 months old and I got him just after 20161231_182532_hdrChristmas. I used to own two adult bearded dragons during my time I had 26 different pets. He is very adventurous and loves to run around to investigate new stuff. He goes crazy for baby locusts, as soon as the tub is in there he is looking very eagerly ready to eat. He is handled every day and loves in the morning to sit on my shoulder and watch me make his beautiful breakfast. The bearded dragon was the first lizard pet I ever kept. I remember I was fascinated by my mates one who went on holiday so I looked after it. I used to watch him for hours hunting down his prey. The insect part was the worst due to my mom hating them haha. I have had many great moments with bearded dragons and I’m sure Elliot here will be no exception and create many memories too.

New Addition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well not that long ago Elliot was the new addition to the website but now we have these little monsters. They are roughly 1 and a half years old. Down the bottom we have Yoshi and on the log looking very majestic we have Mushu. Again I love bearded dragons so much and I just had to get some more. They are housed together and love each others company most of the time watching Jurrasic Park together to see some long distance friends. As they are both girls I hope that in the future Elliot will be very lucky and have 2 girlfriends in order to breed with. They love crickets and once they have spotted the tub that’s it no cricket ever lives. Not only that but bearded dragons as they get to more of adults their diet changes whereas Elliot will have 80% insects and 20% vegetables the opposite applies for these two.

New Addition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Acquired around February time we have Miss Piggy (we think it’s a girl but it’s a little too early to tell) only a hatchling so still a lot of growing to do roughly they will get about 4ft long. She is currently feeding on one fuzzy mouse per 12 days. It is amazing to watch this snake digest this food, how they get a prey item of a fuzzy down them in a small width body is truly mesmerizing. The snake is rear- fanged venomous. However, it’s nothing that will kill you. However, if you are unfortunately on the wrong end even though it’s venomous it will cause minor swelling. Most of the time your body will fight off the venom causing your hand to swell.

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